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Copyright and Intellectual Property Policy
Statement of Copyright / Intellectual property
Under International, US, European, Asia and South Korea copyright law, forms of authorship including literary, artistic and digital intellectual works are protected by copyright. This protection is automatic and it is an unregistered right.

The content (content being images, text, articles, video files, programs, scripts, products as templates and software) of this website is copyrighted. All rights expressly reserved. Consequently, it is illegal to make, reproduce or distribute copies of our copyrighted content or products without authorization.

For permissions and other copyright-related questions, please email your questions to: help@pptwear.com

Copyright Infringement / Important warning
CNTREE will vigorously defend our copyright works against piracy, unfair use and unauthorized reproduction. Any kind of copyright infringement will be prosecuted by law.

All our templates, charts, graphics and digital work have been filed with our international Copyright Offices.

If you misuse or distribute our digital works without prior written consent from us, we will seek damages and you will be prosecuted.